The love of snowboarding—it’s as simple as that. Whether you spend your days lapping the local rope tow, sessioning the streets, or skinning into the unknown, this passion unites and defines us. And since the beginning, it’s served as our foundation. After all, DEELUXE is driven by a tight-knit crew of dedicated riders.


As part of this crew, our team riders have always been essential to DEELUXE’s vision and evolution. They both challenge and inspire us—and for this, we’re forever grateful. From the groms who spend their days mobbing the local hill to the pros stacking footage across the globe, we’re honored to call these riders our friends. Through the years, their support and guidance have played a crucial role in developing and refining our boots.


At DEELUXE, we’re committed to enhancing your time on the snow. That’s why we work relentlessly to build the best boots for every riding style and type of terrain. Inspired and original, these boots deliver the comfort and performance you need—be it on the bunny hill, in the park, or during a first descent. No matter how or where you ride, we’re right with you, sharing every high five and pow slash that shapes your journey. Thanks for riding with us.


  • All materials used in DEELUXE boots fulfill the European export REACH standard.
  • DEELUXE boots are made of PVC free material.
  • Glue used for DEELUXE boots is free of benzol.
  • We’ve banned any plastic packaging.
  • Our boots are built to last and to further expand their lifetime we offer Flex Boosters to stiffen up your boots and separate liners in order that you can ride your boot’s shell as long as possible.
  • 2022: Introduction of the first ever snowboard boot that is made with Rise by Bloom. Rise is a bio-based foam derived from algae harvested from compromised ecosystems. This approach leverages algae’s ability to sequester carbon while helping clean water and restore aquatic habitats.

“We are very excited to partner with DEELUXE as the first snowboard brand to bring a snowboard boot made with BLOOM sustainable materials to market. This is another example of how algae can be used in various components to help reduce a brand’s carbon footprint and help restore the environment.” Chuck Mason, CEO, BLOOM Sustainable Materials