Shell Construction


Make no compromises—that’s the motto of DEELUXE’s XLS Pro system. Designed to excel at hiking, skinning, and riding, it features two BOA® dials that allow you to independently adjust the upper and lower zones of the boot. This zonal fit creates both a hike and a ride mode—and ensures you can readily transition between them. When ascending, unlock the upper BOA® dial to allow your leg to move within the boot. This, combined with a flexible flap on the back, maximizes your range of motion and affords the comfort of a hiking boot. And when it’s time to ride, lock both BOA® dials for exceptional control and response. There’s no better way to get up—and get down—than DEELUXE’s XLS Pro system.

Stay on Track System

Thanks to DEELUXE’s Stay on Track system, there’s no need to shun sidehilling. Armed with a lateral and a medial reinforcing element, it provides exceptional leverage and stability when traversing sidehills. And even when skinning in hike mode, the system can deliver tremendous control and response. It can also be connected to a highback using the touring strap that comes with many splitboard bindings. Say goodbye to all of your skintrack fears and sidehill slips with DEELUXE’s Stay on Track system.

Deep Days Membrane

In the backcountry, a boot’s ability to keep your feet warm and dry is just as important as its performance. Guided by this belief, we created our Deep Days membrane. Waterproof and breathable, it features a full membrane that extends throughout the entirety of the boot. And for exceptional comfort and additional protection from the elements, its sock-like design wraps around the liner and foot and closes at the shin to function as a gaiter. Dream bigger and push further with DEELUXE’s Deep Days membrane.


Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.


Like a space blanket for your feet, this reflective insert maximizes warmth.


For enhanced comfort and longer strides when skinning, this system extends the range of motion available at the rear of the boot. Simply put, it helps you get up the mountain faster—and with less effort.


The plastic backwelt features a grooved heel for rocking semiautomatic crampons.


This layer of rubber wraps around the toebox and sides of the boot, maximizing durability by providing protection from rocks and ice.