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Thermo Custom Fitting

Whether you’re sessioning the streets, lapping the bunny hill, or dropping first descents, your boots play an essential role in shaping your time on the snow— and your liners serve as the foundation of it all. Guided by this belief, we’ve leveraged our experience pioneering and continually refining thermo custom fitting to completely reimagine the philosophy, design, and construction of our liners. Starting this season, all of DEELUXE’s adult liners are thermomoldable while also offering our legendary out-of-the-box comfort. And each liner is purpose-driven and tailored to a distinct riding style, perfectly complementing the diverse boots in our collection. It’s time to demand more—elevate your game and your expectations with DEELUXE’s new liners.
To lead, one must innovate—and DEELUXE’s Custom Thermo Fit liner charges into the future. With fresh technology and a sophisticated design, it makes its debut as the best custom fit liner in the game. With a precisely tailored anatomical design and an advanced perforated foam, it cradles the contours of your foot while maximizing performance. For the perfect blend of warmth and breathability, the perforated foam also aids in regulating temperature. A four-way-stretch heel harness and exoskeleton deliver an unrivaled fit at the ankle and exceptional support. And thanks to a deep heel pocket and an ankle zone with mesh that’s especially grippy, the Custom Thermo Fit liner provides unsurpassed heelhold. To customize the liner’s fit even further, it can be thermomolded with DEELUXE’s Liner Precision Fit Pads. No wonder the Custom Thermo Fit Liner stands to be a favorite among riders and bootfitters alike. Reimagine what’s possible with DEELUXE’s Custom Thermo Fit liner.

Thermo Oven

Foot measurement

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Liner Precision Fit Pads

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Heel Harness

Heel Harness​ Pro

DEELUXE’s new Heel Harness Pro enables your heel and ankle to transmit maximum power and efficiently initiate turns. Available as an accessory, this super-charged Heel Harness and its exoskeleton deliver an unrivaled fit at the ankle area, exceptional support, and unsurpassed heelhold. Whereas ankle closures integrated into a boot’s shell or liner allocate pressure in a single zone, this external heel harness enfolds the entire ankle area for exceptional comfort and performance. Be one with your boots—lace up with DEELUXE’s Heel Harness Pro and take your riding to the next level.